Circles in the Grass

Matt Koch circles a cow . The article appeared in the Matt Koch circles a cow in an open pasture. The cow horse trainer likes to ride his horses outside the arena at times, and that includes working on reined cow horse maneuvers. "They have to learn to find their feet," he says. "You may be chasing a cow across a small hill, and the horse better stay square or we're going to fall." At the time, Koch was working for Wagonhound Land & Livestock in Wyoming. The article appeared in the July 2016 issue of Western Horseman.

Waiting for 8

Specialized equine athletes— from broncs to barrel racing horses—win accolades in rodeo for their speed, timing and skills in the specific events for which they are trained. However, there are equally athletic and highly skilled horses, their names and stories rarely known, that are often unnoticed and underappreciated. 

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