Ten years ago, Jason Rich took a chance on an art career. That gamble paid off, and today the Utah artist’s work has earned the respect of collectors, galleries and working cowboys.

Legendary equine artist Orren Mixer can’t remember names, dates or places worth a dime. But when it comes to horses, the 87-year-old has a photographic memory. For instance, he doesn’t recall the exact year he was commissioned to paint his first equine portrait, other than it was 1949 or 1950, but he does know that he painted racehorses Tom’s Lady Gray and Gray Lady, both owned by James Reese of Temple, Oklahoma.

Inspired by chuckwagon traditions, cowboy cook Tom Perini has made an art out of preparing simple foods the old-fashioned way. That’s what draws people from around the world to his rural Texas ranch to taste a bit of Western heritage.

He can’t remember how many paintings he’s done, but he thinks he’s painted pictures of horses in 28 states, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. And he for sure remembers that he has painted some horses two or even three times. “I’d paint a picture for the owner of a horse, and then when the horse sold, the new owner would want one. And if the horse sold again, sometimes the next owner would want one,” Orren Mixer laughs.