Lari Dee Guy Total Equine Feeds

Can feed be an important tool? Lari Dee Guy says, Yes! Always at the top of her sport, she credits staying competitive to what she keeps in her feed room.

Phil Rapp bridle tools of the trade

When you head out to Phil Rapp’s arena, you’ll always find these bridles hanging on the wall, and we tend to think the Equi Stat all-time leading money-earning rider may know a thing or two about what equipment to use when training and showing cutting horses. Check out his Tools of the Trade.

Capriolas Interior

Traditional craftsmanship, family dedication and the legacy of G.S. Garcia gear have enabled this historic Nevada saddle shop to survive economic booms and busts for 80 years.


Any horse that’s ridden hard might develop a sore back, which might have something to do with the way he’s ridden or the tack used on him. One possible solution is to use a cutaway saddle pad made with an opening to fit over sore spots on the withers.