You can download the 2016 Teskey’s Saddle Shop Christmas catalog and check out all the great deals. Teskey’s saddle shop is one of the most trusted names in the horse industry. With over 1,000 saddles, hundreds of bits and spurs, boots, clothing, ranch and farm equipment and all your equine medical needs, they are your one stop shop.


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A good saddle pad is a must! As trusted horseman Ken McNabb would state, “Your ride will be no better than how you protect your horses back. A well-built saddle complimented by a high-quality saddle pad is essential. A good saddle pad serves three really important jobs; it must reduce friction, absorb pressure and cool.”  


Whether you work all day on a ranch or simply enjoy trail riding, wearing proper attire can ensure you are safe and comfortable. Download the Western Horseman Apparel Guide for free to view a curated collection of stylish and functional apparel and accessories for horse people, all from notable Western lifestyle compnanies.


Hauling horses is a job best tackled with a quality rig. Making sure your horses are safe and comfortable is the top priority, and Western Horseman has collected some products to help you accomplish that goal. Whether you’re looking for a new hitch or a whole new trailer, download the Western Horseman Truck & Trailer Guide for free to help you get down the road!

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Whether competing in the arena or on the ranch for a hard day’s work, a cowboy takes pride in the stock he rides and a job well done. From proper care to true horsemanship to quality products that show off his horse, a cowboy is true to his roots. Trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, honest, determined and resourceful are just among a few words painting a picture of his life.


Young Western Horseman is made specifically for our younger cowboys and cowgirls! Just like Western Horseman, Young Western Horseman has top training tips, in-depth profiles, and quality stories, but focusing on our youth. You can download Young Western Horseman for free and check out all that’s inside!