5 Common Mistakes Beginning Dutch Oven Cooks Make

Dutch Oven Cooking

Below are five common mistakes that Kent Rollins says beginning Dutch-oven cooks make:

1. Using not enough or too many coals.

2. Placing the coals underneath or too close to the oven.

3. Removing the Dutch-oven lid and placing it in the dirt or ash.

4. Washing cast iron with soap and water.

5. Overworking the dough.

Feeding Large groups

Keep these tips in mind when cooking for several guests:

1. Cook 1 pound of dried beans per 10 people.

2. Purchase ⅓-pound of uncooked meat per person, in general, keeping in mind that brisket has the most shrinkage when cooked.

3. Allow meat to come to room temperature before cooking to hold in moisture.

4. Cook potatoes ahead of time and wrap in aluminum foil. Store potatoes in an empty ice chest and they will stay warm for up to eight hours.

5. Raw vegetables can be sliced ahead of time and stored in water to keep fresh.


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