4. Rancho Deluxe

Jimmy Buffett — Rancho Deluxe (Soundtrack)

This title song from the 1975 film Rancho Deluxe is classic party-time Buffett. It harks back to those wacky 1970s, and while the film never really captured a wide audience, the film soundtrack did give us such standards as Livingston Saturday Night.


5. In the Real West

Tish Hinojosa — Culture Swing

Tish Hinojosa is a folk singer that records in both English and Spanish and has one of the most beautiful voices in Western music. Her heartfelt lyrics tell the stories of the working people of the Southwest — on both sides of the border.

Mike Beck

6. Patrick

Mike Beck — Mariposa Wind

There have been many songs written about horses over the years. Mike Beck loves the world of the vaquero and the bridle horse, and this song is a fond and eloquent memory of a favorite horse.

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