7. This Cowboy’s Hat

Chris LeDoux — Chris LeDoux: The Ultimate Collection

“You’ll ride a black tornado, across a Western sky … ” No cowboy song collection would be complete without a song from the late, great Chris LeDoux. His was a life of inspiration for every cowboy who ever crawled on a bronc. Just LeDoux It!


8. High Noon

Tex Ritter — His Best

Another film song that sums up the quiet strength of the cowboy is this song from the film High Noon starring Gary Cooper. Ritter’s voice echoed through the words about a cowboy who, when everyone else failed him, dug deep into his own personal strength.


9. South Coast

Ramblin’ Jack Elliott — Ramblin’ Jack Elliott

This song by Lillian Boz Ross tells the story of a cowboy’s life between California’s rugged Big Sur area and the little town of Jolon. It has been recorded by many, including the Kingston Trio, but nobody does it better than Ramblin’ Jack.

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