5. Express Yourself. When searching for the perfect lid, be sure to stay true to “you.” Your hat is often your most defining quality from afar. Find the look that you like and get your hat shaped properly by someone who knows what he’s doing. If you want a feather or a patch or something a little quirky, there are countless options with hatbands, colors, bound edges and other “flair” that can be added to tell the western world just who you are.

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6. Put It Where It Belongs. Most importantly, when you find that straw, felt or palm leaf, make sure to wear it. See, a hat is more than just a fickle, superficial fashion statement. There’s substance under that crown and brim, and reason behind its structure, material and shape. It’s designed to stay on our heads while we ride, stay out of our way when we swing a rope, and protect us while we are out doing our jobs or making memories.

Pick a great hat, take good care of it and sport it with pride. Shape it properly and make sure it’s a comfortable and attractive fit. Tweak often and keep that brim in tip-top shape. Obsess over the proper care and handling of your lid and don’t let others cramp your style.

And if you’re anything like my household, once you’ve finally perfected that, you buy another and do it all over again!

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  1. Corbin erickson Reply

    Hello I just were my cowboy hat for simply good looks and also to protect against the elements not for riding horses is this ok

    • Dani Licklider Reply

      Absolutely! We love your appreciation for the cowboy hat!

  2. I’m not a rancher, farmer, or cowboy and don’t claim to be. However, I have several hats and would wear them more often if there wasn’t a stigma attached to wearing one. Not sure why non-ball players can wear a baseball cap without others thinking they are playing “dress up” or questioning why the person is wearing a baseball cap. For some reason, the same cannot be said when wearing a cowboy hat in a non-traditional state where wearing one is not socially acceptable. Unfortunate, but that’s the reality.

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