Quinn Simons is passionate about raising and training Spanish Mustangs.

Quinn Simons is passionate about his favorite breed to raise and train. In the September 2005 issue of Western Horseman, read about Quinn Simons’ ability to overcome losing his fingers and feet to pursue his love of training Spanish Mustangs, and what makes this breed so special to the La Cienega, N.M., cowboy.

“I like these horses because they’re tough, smart, easy-keepers,” he explains. He believes Spanish Mustangs have fewer feet and leg problems and are basically tougher than most domestic breeds as all-around working.

You’ll usually find six or seven Spanish Mustangs at Quinn’s place, even though he accepts other breeds for training, too. Quinn and two friends, Roeliff Annon and Jill Felice, have developed the Spanish Mustang Alliance in an effort to create a positive environment in which people can see the Spanish Mustang’s abilities and gain knowledge about the breed, its traits and its history.

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