1. Judy L Tomlinson Reply

    Does your magazine only write about Quarter horses and ranch life? i am interested in trail riding, horse camping locations, and stories about the trail adventures of horse enthusiasts, other breeds, especially Arabs. I cancelled my subscription last year, because I was not interested in Quarter horses and ranch life, but I have since renewed because other members of my family seemed to like it. They read it, not me so much. Also I was looking to sign up for the October contest package, but it wasn’t listed. Do the contests only run for one month ?

    • Katie Frank Reply

      Hi Judy! Thanks for the questions. Western Horseman focuses on stock horses and the cowboy spirit. That includes ranch life, but also backcountry riding and competition-based riding, like reined cow horse, cutting and reining. Though Quarter Horses are the most popular breed in Western culture, it’s not uncommon to see Arabians, Appaloosas or Morgan horses do the job just as well, and we make sure to include them in the magazine. As for contests, we typically offer them once a month. The October contest ended October 31, however, check back on our site for the latest chance to win. Thank you!

  2. Just wanted to give an encouraging note that we have enjoyed Western Horseman magazine for many years! Please keep on doing what you do. Hope you have a blessed Christmas and New Year! Thanks

    • Dani Licklider Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Carol. Merry Christmas to you!

  3. Love your magazine, enjoy reading it all the time!!! Y’all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

  4. Susan Crist Reply

    I have reading Western Horseman ever since i was a teen. It is something i treasure and learned from for so many years.

  5. Riley Thompson Reply

    Really enjoy the trainer articles, have learned so much from them.

  6. Leslie zepeta Reply

    I would love to submit a few photos and small writings is that possible whom do I Contact? Thank you we love your magazine so much!!

  7. Are you no longer doing the monthly contest? All I see is the one for November.

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