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Western Horseman May 2022

Ben McCartney riding RAB Colonel Gun at the McCartney Ranch in Throckmorton, Texas. Photo by Emily McCartney.

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Look at the tack horseman have found worthy over the past 86 years through the pages of Western Horseman. BY KAILEY SULLINS, Page 68

Montana’s Miles City Bucking Horse Sale brings out the culture and competitive spirit of Native American cowboys. BY NICOLE MORGENTHAU, Page 72

Headstalls come with many options, and the decision-making process is equal parts function and personal preference. BY LIZZIE IWERSEN, Page 82

Ian Tyson’s 1983 groundbreaking album set the stage for a renaissance in authentic cowboy culture. BY BILL REYNOLDS, Page 90

Ride West

Culture Photographer Anouk Masson Krantz’s book American Cowboys presents a contemporary affirmation that the cowboy culture is not only alive, but thriving. Page 21

Women of the West From Oregon to western South Dakota, Melissa Fowler found her dream come true as a rancher and horsewoman. Page 30

Real Life Ranch Wife Cowboy kids put the “wild” in wildlife, and traveling with several of them in tow is always an adventure. Page 32

Ranch Horse Sales After 39 years, Bill and Carole Smith produce their final WYO Quarter Horse Sale. Page 34

3 Questions Dennis Moreland built a legacy when he began his tack business and has cultivated a loyal following. Page 40

How-To Robert Forst of Stuart Ranch uses this simple yet effective figure-eight drill on horses from 2-year-olds to the seasoned bridle horse. Page 42onditions caused by a wet environment. Page 34

Backcountry When in the backcountry, hobbles are essential pieces of gear used to allow horses and mules to free-graze without the concern of losing them. Page 48

Rodeo The Buccaneer Days Rodeo in Corpus Christi increased its purse since becoming sanctioned by the World Champions Rodeo Alliance. page 52

NHSFR Contest Western Horseman partnered with the National High School Rodeo Association to sponsor the Western Lifestyle Trade Craft Showcase. Page 56

Products Camp out on the range in comfort with these cowboy-approved products. Page 66

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