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“Two of a Kind,” a painting by Western watercolor artist Don Weller.

The All Breeds issue is an issue celebrating the diversity in the equine community and the strengths those different breeds represent.
Western Horseman October 2023

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In southeastern France, cowboys known as gardians gallop through the Rhone wetlands as they care for black bulls on the ranches of Provence. BY ANDRIA HAUTAMAKI, page 68

Three American riders saddle up for the mongol derby, taking on the horse adventure of a lifetime. BY KATIE NAVARRA, Page 82

Over 55,000 Mustangs remain in holding facilities nationwide, with more horses rounded up from the wild than being adopted. New methods of capture and training offer hope to the future of wild horses — a future rooted in trust. BY ANNA I. SOCHOCKY, Page 92

Ride West

Culture A small group of fishermen and fisherwomen continue the centuries-old tradition of using draft horses to fish for shrimp. Page 17

Homestead The Wilms’ ranch knows no bounds to the equine disciplines they’re equipped to train on the 100 acres they call home in Arizona. Page 22

Rodeo The Women’s Professional Rodeo Association recognizes 75 years of competition. Page 28

Management Setting up an adopted Mustang for success. Page 36

Horsemanship No matter what the aim for the colt, Nick Dowers wants to accomplish two things first. Page 42

How To Bud Lyons shares three ways to a better ride through improved control. Page 48

Partners Three riders found the confidence to pursue their horsemanship goals aboard Ill Be A Chic. Page 54

Women of the West Sixth generation rancher, television host and Western lifestyle advocate Mackenzie Kimbro shares ranching traditions with her social-savvy audience. Page 62

Real Life Ranch Wife Ranch women get the job done. Page 64

Products Winter natural encourages a longer, rougher coat, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your hopes for a slick and smooth hide. Page 66

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