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Miss Rodeo America 2023 Kennadee Riggs at her family’s Diamond B Ranch in Reno, Nevada, wearing the Nudie Cohn “Red Eagle” outfit from her family’s collection. Photograph by Eric Almassey.

Western Horseman September 2023

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Shannon “Mud” Lowery is carrying the torch of his Native American roots by successfully infusing high-end and authentic Native American jewelry into Western culture. BY AMANDA DEVAN, page 74

A collection of custom pieces dating back to as early as the 1930s are still being worn by cowgirls to this day. BY MADISON WARD, Page 82

Born and bred in Britain, Pendleton Woolen Mills is a uniquely American story that’s continued a family tradition for six generations. A tradition spanning 160 years, the story of Pendleton is synonymous with the American dream. BY LINDSAY HUMPHREY, Page 92

Ride West

Culture Each spring, members of the Cowboy Artists of America meet on a working ranch to celebrate their craft, gather inspiration and nurture artistic growth. Page 20

Homestead Perfecting the art of living comes naturally for Carla Curry who learned early in life to embrace her unique self. Curry’s affinity for adventure and all things Western paved the way for her career as a set decorator. Page 30

Rodeo The Apple Hills Stables Rodeo celebrates five years this month. Page 38

Arena All Stars As a back-to-back world champion in cow horse and several additional roping titles, gelding Mr Comin In Hot is a recognizable name in the Western performance horse industry. Page 44

Living The Dream A Walmart onesie sewn in desperation paved the way for a family rooted in ranching and walking in obedience to the Lord. Through that, Cowkid Clothing Company was born and is now thriving beyond their wildest dreams. Page 50

Giving Twisted X and Cook Children’s Medical Center partnership showcases patient artwork for a good cause.

Backcountry Mule strings aren’t seen often in parks east of the Mississippi River, but visitors to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park often cross paths with this traditional method of transportation for trail maintenance. Page 64

Real Life Ranch Wife Of dinks, snides — and that one great gelding. Page 68

Women of the West This stock contractor’s daughter reigns as Miss Rodeo Iowa 2023, while following in her family’s footsteps. Page 70

Products Clinician and horseman Ken McNabb shares a few of his favorite apparel items to help you bundle up before Old Man Winter rolls through. Page 72

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  1. Gene Pavitt Reply

    I enjoyed Madison Ward’s article on “Rooted in Style” and was particularly gratified that she included Rodeo Ben.
    I met Ben back around 1980 and lived only a few miles from his North Philadelphia store front. I bought a pair of custom Tony Lama Ostrich Leg boots from him, back in the day, when custom was more normal and available from Tony Lama.
    I also knew that the outfit worn by Hawkshaw Hawkins in his picture on Ken Burn’s Country Music was made by Ben, so it was exciting to see his name in the article. He really was a legend.
    I wanted to let Marilyn know how enjoyable her article was, and thank her for her efforts.
    If her email is available, it would be appreciated so I can thank her myself.
    Thank you.


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