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cowboy culture

Early morning sunshine brought the cold Maggie Creek calving barn to life. The buckaroos started their busy day in the pen behind the barn, stumbling over half-frozen turds, playing that same ol’ game all ranch horses like to play when they see a cowboy show up with a halter in his hand. Snow, sprinkled across the surrounding hills like icing sugar, had no intention of leaving Nevada’s high desert just yet. The night shift man was heading for the warm comfort of his bedroll. His hourly inspections, although cold, dark and lonely, would yield some amazing opportunities to stargaze, especially on those clear nights with no moon.

The centuries old art of the charro, or Mexican cowboy, is one steeped in chivalry, high ethics, expert horsemanship, and dedication to family and tradition (see WH article "Charro de Corazon," April 2007). A charro projects his proud heritage through everyday manner and traditional trappings.


Jerry Diaz brought the pageantry of charro horsemanship to the masses. Now, as he passes the lessons of four generations of horsemen on to his young son, Diaz hopes he'll be remembered as more than just a specialty act.