Here are some helpful hints reprinted from The Revised Horseman’s Scrapbook by Randy Steffen. Many of the tips in the book appeared in Western Horseman through the years.

Put Those Old Trunks to Use.

I received a letter from a couple in Michigan who own and show some fine Quarter Horses in their part of the country. They included a clipping that tells about the use horsemen in the Detroit area are making of old foot lockers, trunks and large suitcases. These trunks have been cleaned up, painted with the owner’s stable colors and decorated with various degrees of fancy designs and names. They provide a really good place to keep bridles, brushes, shoeing equipment, blankets and all the other horse gear so necessary at a show. The old round toppers also make a real fine place to set a saddle.

It’s a Cowboy-Style Door Knocker

This one comes from a friend in California, and it’s a horseshoe door-knocker made from shoes with heel calks. The only work required on a pair fresh from the keg is drilling a hole through each heel calk, fastening them together with wire or leather strings, as shown, and a coat of paint. The knocker is fastened to the door with horseshoe nails.

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