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"ryan t. bell"

Horseback adventures set the tone for the February issue of Western Horseman. A group of friends takes a bucket-list horsepacking trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, “slider cowboys” of Hells Canyon encounter adventurous rides every time they gather cattle, and visitors to Mackinac Island discover how the unique Great Lakes Island is truly powered by horses.

Montana rancher Darrell Stevenson teams up with two Russian cattlemen to export an entire cow outfit to the Russian steppes. In the first of a three-part series, the author rides along with the Stevenson cowboys to the land of borscht, fallow land and the $75 steak dinner. 

Comrade CowboyParts 1 and 2 of the three-part feature, “Comrade Cowboy,” appeared in the July and August issues of Western Horseman. The story chronicles how a Montana rancher is working to establish a large-scale, Western cattle operation in Russia. Darrell Stevenson sent more than 1,400 cows to the former communist nation last January. Relying on a crew of American cowboys and a string of seasoned ranch geldings, Stevenson contends with a multitude of challenges in starting his Russian ranch.

Argentina GauchoWhen traveling abroad, leave behind your expectations, and your saddle. Learn how four horse cultures outside the United States put their own spin on stock saddles.




Pablo LazanoAt an Argentine ranch roping, the author reconnects with the gaucho life he once lived and reflects on gaucho gear and techniques.