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Founded in 1936, Western Horseman is one of America’s most respected and trusted publishing traditions. Serving as a “Voice for the Horse”, Western Horseman played a vital role in the establishment of breed registries and in promoting America’s love affair with horses.

Today, our editorial content has changed to meet the needs of 21st century horse owners, but our mission remains steadfast: education and entertainment for lovers of the Western stock horse.

Western Horseman readers are:

  • Ranchers and ropers
  • Trail riders and team sorters
  • Barrel racers and breeders
  • Competitors and cowboy culture enthusiasts

In other words, they are diverse, bound by a common thread—a love and appreciation for Western stock horses.

No other magazine provides as large or diverse an audience of Western horse enthusiasts.

Who Will View Your Ad

  • 130,000 Total Circulation*
  • More than 350,000 Total Magazine Readership
  • 30,000 Club Members
  • 45,000 unique website visits*

*monthly statistics

What Advertisers Are Saying

Western Horseman has been the one magazine that we can depend on for solid results. When a customer calls in and actually says, ‘I want to know more about the trailer on page two of Western Horseman,’ we can actually see our marketing dollars working. – Sheila Raper, Marketing Director, CM Trailers, CM Truck Beds

We recently ran an ad for our horse lodging facility in Arizona. I didn’t even know the magazine was out when I received the first call, which booked eight travelers and paid for the ad three times over. The calls still haven’t stopped. – Daren Petersen, Silver Bit Ranch

Banixx Wound & Hoof Care is a small company with a small advertising budget. We carefully monitor our results to determine our best advertising value. In routine questioning of our customers, ‘I saw it in Western Horseman’ is always the most common answer. This success, along with the helpful, responsive staff at Western Horseman, makes it a natural for our business. – Robert Demeulemester, President, Sherborne Corp

“I am blown away with the traction we have received from our sponsored content placed on Western Horseman’s Facebook page.  Western Horseman is consistently a top source of referral traffic to our website. The range of visibility that our content receives from this platform is extremely valuable for brand awareness and engagement.” — Vettec Hoof Care

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