2024 Best of Western Horseman Awards

Best of Western Horseman

From the hats on our heads to the boots on our feet, to the rigs we haul, the horses we love and the heroes we aspire to meet, the third annual Best of Western Horseman Awards reveal the most impressive people and brands in the West. Our passionate readers can vote for their favorites in the categories of Apparel, For the Horse, Home and Ranch, People and Culture from June 10, 2024 to July 1, 2024. These people and brands are true ambassadors of the Western spirit. The winner, runner-up and honorable mention in each category will be announced in our December 2024 issue of Western Horseman, along with a few editor’s picks. Congratulations to all who were nominated!

2024 Best of Western Horseman Nominees



Montana Silversmiths

Since 1973, Montana Silversmiths has created extraordinary buckles and jewelry crafted by artisan masters, encapsulating the spirit of the Old West. Click here to learn more.

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Tack & Gear

Classic Equine

Classic Equine© is the western industry’s most trusted manufacturer of horse sport products and equipment. Designed by horse people, tested and proven by professionals. Play To Win. Click here to learn more.

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Trent Ward Saddlery

Trent Ward Saddlery is one of the top saddle suppliers in the Western industry, servicing ropers, ranchers, and western riders of all disciplines. They are passionate and committed to the quality of their saddles, as well as the satisfaction of the riders who use them. Click here to learn more.

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Horse Trailers

Elite Trailers

With 30 years of experience building the best custom aluminum trailers, Elite Trailer’s reputation hinges on differences you can see and touch. Trusted quality beyond compare, Experience the Elite difference! Click here to learn more.

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Boots on a fence

Cowboy Boots

These traditional-style cowboy boots are intended for riding, ranching or stepping out on the town.

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A pair of shoes


While not meant to be worn while riding, Western footwear is as versatile as an all-around cowboy and ideal for comfort, rain, walking or just for looks.

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A person sitting on a horse

Cowboy Hats

The cowboy hat is one of the most recognized symbols in Western culture, and these hat brands produce the best lids in the West.

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A woman riding a horse waving at the crowd.


From the arena to a night on the town and everywhere in between, it’s what cowboys and cowgirls wear.

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A belt buckle.


These nuanced details pull together a Western outfit, from jewelry and wildrags to sunglasses and buckles.

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Inside of a store

Retail Stores

The places to go for quality Western apparel fit for cowboys and cowgirls.

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Home & Ranch

A horse in

Livestock Management

These brands have the necessities for livestock owners, such as fencing, arenas, barns, chutes, stalls, feeders, stock trailers, flatbed trailers, troughs and more.

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A tractor with horses walking behind


The machines and equipment necessary for efficient ranching and training include these tractors, side-by-sides, roping mechanisms and more.

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People sitting in chairs outside

Outdoor Living

The ultimate outdoor enthusiast needs quality brands and products like these for their grills, coolers, tumblers, camping gear and more.

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Plates with western illustrations on them.

Furniture and Decor

These brands and products are for the ultimate farmhouse or ranch headquarters interior.

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A horse trailer with a horse tied to the side.

Horse Trailers

A good trailer can bring comfort and peace of mind. These are intended for hauling horses, usually separated by panels and can include living quarters and tack rooms.

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A man paints


The Western industry’s top artists capture Western culture through their talent in various artistic media such as acrylic, sketch, oil, watercolor and more.

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A set of spurs


These men and women create the Western industry’s most coveted handmade jewelry, buckles, tack and more using mediums such as silver, gemstones and leather.

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A statue of paint horses

Western Destinations

The world is full of places immersed in Western culture, including these museums, neighborhoods, cities, hotels, restaurants, ranches, arenas and more.

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A bucking horse


These top-produced and best-attended events within the Western industry are beloved by participants and patrons alike.

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For The Horse

A man riding a horse

Tack & Gear

Whether in the barn at home or under the big lights of competition, these brands and products are go-to’s for riding.

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A scoop of grain


This roundup of grain, hay and other ingestibles offers a primary source of nutrition for horses.

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A person reaching into a bucket of grain


These ingestibles supplement a horse’s main source of nutrition to boost their physical health.

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Hands holding a needle


These veterinarian-prescribed medications are making a big impact on the overall care and comfort of horses.

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A man spraying a horse

Horse Care

Livestock care, injury and illness prevention, and overall wellness benefit from these necessities.

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A group of saddles

Retail Stores

Livestock tack, gear, feed, supplements, supplies and more can be found at these retail stores.

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A close up of a saddle


These brands create saddles that are tried, tested and loved by horsemen worldwide.

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A man sitting on a horse

Futurity Trainers

This grouping of performance horse trainers highlights the horsemen and women who truly excel at preparing horses for the futurities in their respective disciplines. This list was compiled based on lifetime earnings recorded in EquiStat.

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George Strait standing in a barn

Western Icons

These are people across Western events, media and culture who are iconic in their own right and remembered fondly for the impact they made or are making on the Western industry. Nominees should be living at the time of nomination; posthumous nominees will not be considered.

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Two women standing on a stage

Western Media

The industry’s top people and personalities include those who host, commentate or announce Western events, television shows, radio, podcasts, social media and more.

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A camera taking a picture of a horse


These top Western industry photographers are responsible for capturing the essence of horses and riders at ranches and events through outstanding photography.

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2023 Best of Western Horseman Award Winners

2023 Best of Western Horseman: For Your Horse

The 2023 Western Horseman Best For Your Horse winners allow us to take the best possible care of the horses we love so much.

2023 Best of Western Horseman: Culture

Western culture covers a broad scope for a niche lifestyle, and it makes us what we are today. These are the 2023 Western Horseman Best of Culture winners.
Best of Home and Ranch

2023 Best of Western Horseman: Home and Ranch

When we invest in quality materials from the start, the longevity of the products and the efficiency of their use speaks for itself. Quality, longevity and efficiency are pillars the 2023 Western Horseman Best of Home and Ranch winners can definitely stand on.

2023 Best of Western Horseman: Apparel

What makes a cowboy or a cowgirl is what’s in their heart, but what they wear is how we recognize them from afar. Here are the 2023 Western Horseman Best of Apparel winners.

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They sing the songs you love, take the photos on your walls, announce the rodeos you watch and help you get the best out of your horses. To know them is to love them. These are the 2023 Western Horseman Best of People winners.
2023 Best of Western Horseman Award Winners

Best of Western Horseman Awards Presents 2023 Winners

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