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Long-distance trailering can be hard on a horse. Besides subjecting him to long periods of confinement within a mini-climate he can’t escape, a trailer trip also challenges his sense of balance as he’s hurtled down the highway. And that’s in a best-case scenario; the risks and challenges multiply with poor planning and unforeseen circumstances.

Safely haul your horse to the veterinarian for treatment.
The November 2004 feature “Fracture Repair” discusses how veterinarians handle the injuries. In some cases, you must haul your injured horse to the veterinary clinic for treatment. Consider these points when transporting a horse with a fracture.

Here’s a list of the most common veterinarian-recommended vaccines, The May 2004 Western Horseman print feature “Viable Vaccinations” offered veterinary advice on vaccine types and technical know-how.

Now that horses can no longer be slaughtered for human consumption in the U.S., the horse industry is feeling the effects: experts point to a drop in the market, welfare groups are finding homes for more unwanted horses, but thousands more are heading for slaughter plants across the border.