It was the buckaroo’s daughter who ended up on the cover of a new “coffee table” book, although the National Geographic photographer who visited Maggie Creek Ranch in the fall of 2003 had come to take pictures of cowboys for the magazine’s monthly “zip code” feature – 89801 – Elko, Nevada. His work that day appeared in the October issue, but his photo of 15-year-old Ashley Riggs is on the dust cover of a seven-pound book, In Focus – National Geographic Greatest Photographs.

Second chances can be few and far between. But Buck Daniel of Florida’s Lake Cattle Company has made a fresh start, breeding top cutting and ranch horses his way.

Don’t you hate how people take a perfectly good, honest and completely true story and shape it into something so grotesque that it doesn’t resemble, in any form, the original event that took place? Take me, for instance. I always tell stories good and honest and true, much like Hemingway would’ve. Yet, when other bystanders retell the same story, they always manipulate the facts and truth.