The November ’05 issue of WH featured four of trainer Andy Moorman’s favorite drills for improving a horse’s collection. Here’s another collection-enhancing exercise used by the Venice, Florida, horsewoman.

A horse and rider team is like a marriage. Some days, it’s pure bliss. Other times, you might want to lace up the gloves and duke it out. But, before you and your horse head to the boxing ring, or file for divorce, check out what California trainer Jet Thompson says about the how’s and why’s of horse-rider conflicts.

During the interview for our June 2005 print feature, “A 10-Maneuver Groundwork Test,” Texas clinician Jody Cunningham of Grapeland also discussed escalating cues when working with horses. Here are his tips for bringing pressure to bear on your horse in effective, appropriate ways.


Ranch production sales and premier horse show auctions are drawing closer. Whether you are a buyer looking for a good deal or a consignor hoping to get the best price for your horse, a few guidelines can translate to a successful sale.