The effects of our 3 A.M. wake-up, and the hour long drive along an isolated gravel road paralleling the U.S.-Mexico border, faded quickly as we unloaded the mules from the trailer and saddled them in the chilly April morning air.


You should always carry an equine first-aid kit when traveling to shows and trail rides. It's aggravating, however, to search through rolls of tape and bandage material just to find your thermometer in the bottom of a box or bag.


Five suppliers of cowboy tents and bedrolls offered a quick look at the available options for those products in our June print edition. But there's more to a camping trip than a tent and a bedroll-especially today where modern gadgets abound.


For seven weeks each summer, Elk Creek Ranch plays host to several dozen teenagers and descendents of the ranch’s founding family, the Ridgway’s. But there’s always been talk about finding ways to do more with the ranch land, located less than an hour outside Cody, Wyoming.

Valles Caldera appears on the right as I top the rise coming down Hwy. 4, west of Los Alamos, N.M. For years, I’ve imagined cantering my horse across the sweeping, bowl-shaped meadow dotted with tree-topped lava domes, evidence of the area’s past volcanic activity.

In the November 2003 issue of Western Horseman, I provided tips on how to negotiate various trail terrain. To further prepare you for the trail, I offer tack-selection tips in this exclusive online article.