Proven ranch horses and prospects from three historic ranches sell at Arizona’s Legacy Ranch Horse Sale.

Ranchers aren’t in the business for the money. They do it to improve their land, livestock and horses through selective breeding and diligent stewardship. In the process, they create legacies and traditions that live on in future generations. The third-annual Legacy Ranch Horse Sale, held September 15 at the historic Prescott Rodeo Grounds in Prescott, Arizona, celebrated the ranching traditions, horses and heritage of three northern Arizona ranches: Campwood Cattle Co., K4 Ranch and Diamond A Ranch.

A consigned ranch horse drags a tire on the of a rope into the trailer at the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale.
A consigned ranch horse drags a tire on the of a rope into the trailer. Photo by Jennifer Denison

The sale, held in conjunction with Olsen’s Equifest, was more than an average auction; it was a family friendly event. It began with a  working preview of the rope and ranch horses consigned to the sale. Cowboys and cowgirls demonstrated the horses’ handiness and cow savvy in team roping, performing a dry work pattern in the arena, dragging a tire and loading it in a trailer like they would a cow, and then roping and dragging a small bunch of calves to the branding fire.  After the demonstration, buyers had an opportunity to peruse the pens and further inspect the horses up close and ask questions, get a good seat inside the packed sale tent, and enjoy live music by local rancher and cowboy singer-songwriter Gail Steiger.

Cowboys demonstrated the ranch horses' skills in the branding corral at the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale.
Cowboys demonstrated the ranch horses’ skills in the branding corral. Photo by Jennifer Denison
Gail Steiger entertains the audience at the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale.
Gail Steiger entertains the sale audience. Photo by Jennifer Denison

During the sale, auctioneer Rick Machado successfully auctioned  29 finished ranch and roping horses, young prospects and broodmares. The high-selling gelding and overall high seller was Bojangles Booger from the K4 Ranch. The 5-year-old buckskin gelding by Boogers Cross Bell and out of Annie Be Lonely sold to Richard McNay of Prescott for $25,000. The high-selling mare was Miss Playguns Pep, a 5-year-old bay mare by TRR Janies Playgun and out of RO Savvy Pep from Campwood Cattle Company. She sold to Bob Keith of Maricopa for $17,000.

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Twenty nine proven ranch horses and prospects were auctioned at the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale.
Twenty-nine proven ranch horses and prospects were auctioned at the Legacy Ranch Horse Sale. Photo by Jennifer Denison

Legacy Ranch Horse Sale Stats

  • 29 total horses auctioned for a total of $37, 586
  • 18 geldings sold for an average of $11,239
  • Seven mares sold for $6,429
  • One yearling for $6,900
  • One 2-year-old for $6,750
  • One 3-year-old for $2,500
  • One young stallion for $3,750
  • High Seller/High-Selling Gelding: Boogers Cross Bell, $25,000
  • High-Selling Mare: Miss Playguns Pep, $17,000

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