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Broodmare Brawl

broodmare brawl in the pasture at the CS Ranch
Broodmare kicks at another horse on the CS Ranch in New Mexico

Don’t mess with a mama’s baby! This sorrel broodmare on the CS Ranch in New Mexico was clearly protective of her palomino foal, and she took exception to the younger gray mare getting too friendly. Following a flurry of flying kicks and irate squeals from both mares, the gray finally stepped away from the fight, and the sorrel escorted her foal to another spot in the pasture. It’s rare that I get to spend a few hours photographing mares and foals, and it paid off because I don’t normally get to see scenes like this. And it’s funny to look at the onlookers. It seems that whether a fight is between humans or horses, a good brawl always draws a crowd.

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