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Fading Light

120830 ace clark 01

120830 ace clark 01The sun was setting fast on the Horseshoe Ranch in Battle Mountain, Nevada. Senior Editor Jennifer Denison and I were on our way to capture a portrait of Ace Clark for her article, “Last of the Bedroll Cowboys.” We were right on schedule until I missed the exit, and in remote Nevada there are often many miles between highway off-ramps. By the time we found a spot to double-back for the Horseshoe, the sunlight was entering its prettiest, but very brief, stage of the day. Pulling into the ranch entrance, my mind was racing, trying to think of a way to set up a quick, environmental portrait before our light was gone. I asked Jennifer to get Ace ready quickly while I hurriedly set up my gear in front of the barn. Ace was easy to work with, his palomino was bright and cooperative, and my lights and camera gave me no trouble. In a matter of five or 10 minutes we got this portrait. I was more than relieved. The story, and this photo, appeared in the December 2012 issue of Western Horseman.


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