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Hay Season on the Haythorn

Haythorn ranch draft horses

Haythorn Ranch draft horses loading hay
When I visited Haythorn Land and Livestock in Nebraska years ago, they were still putting up hay using a beaver slide stacker and a team of horses. I’ve never published this photo, but whenever I’m going through my photo archives it always grabs my attention. There is a lot going on in this photo, and the composition of the clouds, the tractor and the beaver slide seem to all fit together so well.

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  1. The Haythorns are very hard working ranch people with a long heritage of what a true pioneer family has done for several generations!!!
    They are a kind and friendly family as common as the day is long! The Matriarch Beldora passed simete back and she is missed by a whole ranching community! The name i s being carried forth through the generations and greats coming up!


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