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Larry Mahan and His Mares

Larry Mahan leading horses through a pasture
Larry Mahan riding horse through his mare herd

In 2014, we honored rodeo legend Larry Mahan with the Western Horseman Award, and I got to make a couple of trips to his ranch near Bowie, Texas, to do the interview and take photos. My second trip was a highlight, as he, his wife, Julanne, and I trailered three horses to another place that he was leasing for his band of broodmares. Mahan wouldn’t tell me exactly how many horses he owned, but the group in this photo represents only a fraction of his herd at the time. He’s crazy about horses, and it was evident as he rode through his broodmares, checking on them, talking to them, and enjoying their company. The light was sensational that evening, and a layer of clouds to the east gave the sky a dark, electric blue color.

Story on Larry Mahan appeared in the August 2014 issue of Western Horseman.

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