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110301 deary 092

110301 deary 092I have always given champion reining horse trainer Casey Deary a hard time about his facility. He doesn’t have an outdoor arena, so the times he and I have worked on an article together we’ve had to get creative. Several times we have conducted the photo shoot in another trainer’s outdoor arena, where the light and background give you the formula for attractive photos. However, one time his covered arena worked beautifully. Usually covered arenas are the worst to shoot in because the light is dim, and the open sides look like blinding bars of light. This time, I sat up high so the open sides of the covered arena weren’t visible. The black background is the arena dirt in darkness, and the late-afternoon sun cast a dramatic, warm glow on this young horse as it trotted past me. It became the opening photo for a feature on snaffle bits (May 2011). But don’t tell Casey; he might be less willing to haul a horse for me next time.


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