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Horsemen’s Haikus

The best horsey haikus have verses featuring colts, Ibuprofen, and life’s important lessons: Don’t text and ride!

I feed them their hay
and then I clean up their stalls
Job security 

Colt went to the show
One point out of the finals
Now we are both broke

Feeling kind of poor
Took my gray horse to the sale
Sold him bought three more

North wind blows so cold
Forgot to tighten my cinch
Ibuprofen please 

He sees my halter
Then he turns and trots away
Guess I can train one 

Do not ride and text 
Horse is tall — that branch is low 
Siri where’s my hat 

My family shrugs
My friends think I’m half crazy
Calloused hands, full heart

Sold my horse, I think!
Then comes the dreaded statement
“Let me ask my spouse”

The more that I learn 
The less I see that I know 
This is Horsemanship 

Man sitting on a roan horse.
Photo courtesy Kelli Neubert.

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