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My Barn

Kelli Neuber't barn aisle.

It’s not a place that puts up with much nonsense.

My barn is not oversized, but it never feels like it’s too small. When I step through the gap that’s supposed to be a door, I’m forced to shrug off my troubles then and there and focus on the animals that count on me.

I get swept into a world where there is never enough organization, nor could there ever be. It’s a place for my bits that I’ve paid too much for and where the treasures that I bought at a steal belong. It’s my office, focus and space that I happily share with anyone who feels the way I do.

Kelli Neubert's barn is not a place that puts up with much nonsense. It is a place full of laughs, love, kindness and joy.

There are chickens, dogs, cats, horses and an occasional bottle baby of some sort. There are boots, saddles and all kinds of medicine. There are rafters, mangers and railroad tie floors that have decades of wisdom, stories and insight on me. It’s where horses learn to have patience, and my kids learn how to be careful. It smells of alfalfa, dust and a little bit of lavender on laundry days. It’s a place where horses find both stress and safety.

It has witnessed babies born and tears shed. It has mended the wounded, roofed 1,000 laughs, has heard all of the gossip and sheltered us from wild Texas rains. It knows my secrets, and it tells my stories.

It’s rarely quiet, but it never lets in too much of the wrong kind of noise. The old railroad ties are hardy and polished from years of use. The amount of hoofprints that have traveled over them is countless, with countless more to follow in the years to come.

It welcomes changes and stays true to its bones. Sometimes, it offers an opportunity for extra care, and sometimes, it’s a place for things to collect dust and rest a while, unbothered.

If you can’t find me, that’s where I probably am. It’s where we finish our coffee in the morning and enjoy the first cold beer in the evening.

It’s not my house, but it’s certainly my home.

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