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My ‘Muck-It’ List


An Equine Bucket List, of sorts.


There are so many wonderful things about the horse world, aren’t there?

The horse is such a diverse and interesting tie that we all share, no matter our zip code, purpose or interest. From stadium jumping to ranching, from miniature horses to Clydesdales, it seems that there are endless corners and pockets on this earth that utilize the equine for different things. I know that for me personally, many of my friendships, opportunities and unique experiences in life have been somehow related to the horse.

I’ve been particularly inspired this holiday season to compile an official (and ever-growing) list of different experiences and accomplishments that I hope to incorporate into my lifetime as a horsewoman. It’s my Equine Bucket List, of sorts (Horsey Hopes? A Trotting Tally? My Equine Enumeration? Or perhaps My “Muck-It” List?)

And as we are embarking on the season of thankfulness, reflections, and sharing, I would like to share some of my Riding Roster with you. I want to:

  • Show a 3-year-old at the NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity.
  • Participate in a legitimate red-coats-and-spotted-hounds foxhunt.
  • Train a barrel futurity horse.
  •  Throw my hand down and cut at the Will Rogers Coliseum during all three aged events.
  • Train and show a three-day eventer (lowest level is fine!).
  • Ride over summertime Icelandic terrain on a local pony.
  • Attend the Spanish Riding School in Vienna (if just for a day, as a spectator).
  • Travel to Chincoteague Island and watch them swim the ponies.
  • Show a bridle horse in my hometown at the Salinas Rodeo.
  • Attend the Kentucky Derby.
  • Learn how to “pick up” properly for rough-stock events.
  • Go “on the wagon” for an extended amount of time and brand calves.
  • Learn how to properly pack a horse/mule and go on a pack trip into the wilderness (where there are plenty of brookies to fish for!).
  • Get my USTRC card and officially be a numbered roper.
  • Breeze a racehorse around the track.

And yes, there are some things on my Cantering Checklist that I have already accomplished, including:

  • Making a bridle horse, in the traditional sense.
  • Training a horse to do the Spanish Walk.
  • Creating a small-scale breeding program of ponies and performance horses.
  • Chasing and catching wild cattle.
  • Riding on the beach.
  • Starting a colt.
  • Winning a saddle.
  • Taking a polo lesson.
  • Working for Western Horseman (no kidding).

Of course, as I cross things off of my list, I’m sure I’ll be forever adding to it as well. I look forward to being inspired by others’ dreams, aspirations and wishes, so please feel free to share them with me, if you would.

Come to think of it, I just realized that I need to add at least one more thing to my list, right now:

  • Become independently wealthy so that I can find the time and the funds to accomplish it all!

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