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Best Contemporary Cowboy Songs

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Cowboy kids are great judges of cowboy music. Here’s a list of the best cowboy songs ever, according to myself and my kindergarten son.

My six-year-old son discovered the stash of CDs I’ve carried around since I was in my early teens a few weeks ago. He really likes the cowboy albums, which is convenient because that makes up most of my stash. I bought him a CD player and am excited that my child shares my taste in music, but I was a little deflated when I realized that my music collection is now considered vintage and requires the purchase of hard-to-find equipment in order to listen to it.

But then I listened to Ian Tyson sing “Blueberry Susan” in the kitchen while making dinner. I so enjoyed hearing a good guitar tune without the interruption of ads or options to make additional purchases that I realized I’m vintage, and I make no apologies for it.

Here’s a list of the best cowboy songs ever, according to myself and my kindergarten son.

1. Bareback Jack, by Chris LeDoux

We have this song memorized and ready to belt out as a family whenever the need arises, which is about five times a day. More if we’re really feeling froggy.

2. Monster On Your Back, by Brenn Hill

My husband had to explain that the monster in this song is a cowboy, and the “your” it refers to is his horse. Ah-ha moments are so satisfying, even if they make me feel kind of dumb.

3. Forever A Cowboy, by Ned LeDoux

My son loves this song just for the title alone. The words are pretty spot-on, too.

4. Went For A Ride, by Justin McBride

Ladies: Only listen to this song with a tissue in your hand. Men: Get your lady a tissue before she listens to this song.

5. Faster Horses, by Tom T. Hall

This is probably the greatest cowboy song ever written. Go ahead and come at me for saying that if you disagree, I ain’t scared.

6. Them Broncs, by Matt Robertson

So catchy, so fun, so authentic. If you listen to it once, you’ll never be the same, boys, after today.

7. Eighteen Inches of Rain, by Ian Tyson

A soothing, pleasant classic that hits all the main requirements of happiness for a ranching-type person.

8. Can I just say all of Chris LeDoux’s songs? I’m just going to include them all en masse right now.
9. Cowboy Like Me, by Cody Johnson

Finally, a man who wrote a song acknowledging how hard a cowboy’s chosen lifestyle is on their wives!

10. Baller Cowboy, by Luke Kaufamn

He pokes fun at the high-flying lifestyle of cowboys throughout this sarcastic song. Well-done, Luke. Well done.

11. In Lonesome Dove, by Garth Brooks

A haunting tribute to those who went before us and often perished too soon out West.

12. He Ain’t A Cowboy, by Casey Donahew

Pointing out the prevalence of dudes among us. Because they’re always there, lurking beneath a cheap cowboy hat with a straight-out-of-the-box brim and wearing high water Wranglers.

What are your favorite cowboy songs? Share them in the comments below, and maybe we can skip the whole blasting me for naming songs you don’t care for and completely overlooking your faves. I’m always looking for good tunes, so let’s hear what you like to listen to when you’re in the mood for a cowboy song.

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