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It’s no surprise that real Western women have real wisdom to share. Check out these cowgirl quotes from real Women of the West.

It’s no surprise that real Western women have real wisdom to share.

In November 2023, I blogged about cowboy quotes from Western movies. I wanted to feature quotes from female leads or co-stars, but I couldn’t find any comprehensive lists focused on the ladies’ lines. That was surprising since women are included in nearly all Western films and rarely portrayed as the strong, silent type. 

So, I looked through Western Horseman’s website and garnered noteworthy quotes from the Women of the West online archives. These are better than movie character quips, anyway, since they’re spoken by real women who do really amazing things in reality. 

“If you want something, you have to learn to work for it.” — Jan Youren

Boy, isn’t that the truth — no matter what riding discipline, business path or homemaking style a woman chooses, there will be work involved. Youren was a champion roughstock rider who raised a whole pack of children on the rodeo road, so she knows what she’s talking about. It’s a good thing Western women aren’t afraid of hard work, right? 

“I’m darn sure glad I had nerve enough to live the life I did because it’s been a full one.” — Georgie Connell Sicking 

Sicking’s life would make a great movie. Besides being an accomplished poet and writer, she was the first woman to be hired at the O RO Ranch in northern Arizona. She also talks about self-doubt and insecurity in her interview. If some of the most accomplished among us had to dare themselves to achieve their goals, there’s hope for the rest of us dreamers, too. 

“Success is being happy in your circumstances, whether good or bad.” — Iris Wall 

It’s another truth bomb from this Florida rancher. Success isn’t necessarily winning a trophy buckle, getting a pay raise or dating that one guy — unless he shapes his cowboy hat really well, because that is a rare characteristic indeed. But whether he wears a flat hat or a Texas taco, your own happiness is up to you. 

“Cowgirls come in all shapes and sizes, but we all don’t let anything stop us from doing what we want.” — Timmy Lyn DeLong

DeLong and her sister, Rita Fowler, are the only all-women team to win the prestigious Jordan Valley Big Loop horse roping event. She’s also missing most of the fingers on her right hand due to a kitchen accident when she was 4. Think about that the next time you hear a team roper complain about missing because his rope wasn’t broken in.   

“I am a mom, and that is the most important job I have.” — Lainee Sampson 

This seems so obvious since being a mom involves keeping human beings alive and teaching them how to dress for each day’s weather, use good manners and stuff. But in a society that often describes the vocation as being “just” a mom, we modern-day mamas must remind ourselves that treating motherhood like a job should be our top priority. It’s okay to care more about taking care of your kids than cattle. The cattle might be easier to teach manners, though. 

“Life with a toddler is pretty much the same as riding a green-broke colt all day.” — Sylvan Walden 

Trying to ride a fifth-ride colt can be like trying to push a chain uphill, and herding a toddler from the house to the truck can be like …. well, trying to push a chain uphill. At some point, we should probably ask ourselves: Why do we need to get the chain uphill? Can’t we just sit at the bottom of the hill, count the chain links and sing the ABCs? One day, our colts and kids will line out and travel with purpose, but the primary education stage is enjoyable, too.

“It sounds so corny, but [my husband] David really is my hero.” — Monique Miller

This is a bold statement in an age when women are encouraged by mainstream culture to keep pace with men — or, better yet, outperform them. I’d like Miller to know that I, too, look up to my husband, and not just because he stands 10 inches taller than me. It’s okay to admire your husband, even if he is a man. 

To read more about impressive women in our industry, check out the Women of the West archives. 

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