I was loping up a beautiful high mountain valley on my sturdy Quarter Horse, Scarlet Mark, with a swiftly running river off to my right and majestic snowcapped mountains surrounding me on three sides.

Horseback teams are often called upon to cover tough terrain in an attempt to find lost or injured hikers and other backcountry enthusiasts. The team members’ roles are as varied as the situations they face.

ImageThe Absaroka Mountain Range fills the Big Sky horizon as horseman Farrell Lloyd and a friend make their way through the Montana backcountry, just outside of Livingston. The small town in the southwestern part of the state is home to nearly 10,000 people and an excellent staging area for some of the state’s best riding opportunities. 

Alberta’s Banff National Park boasts more than 2,500 square miles of stunning mountain landscapes and incredible riding opportunities in the Canadian Rockies.