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At this remote cowboy retreat, guests trade the pressures of everyday life for days spent working cattle and exploring the forested canyons of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains.

Only a handful of ranches in the West send out a wagon anymore. Most places aren’t big enough to justify the experience. Finding cowboys willing to sleep in a teepee for six weeks isn’t easy, either. But for the Spanish Ranch in Elko County, Nevada, sending out the spring wagon is a way of life.

I caught up with Ira Wines, buckaroo boss at the Spanish Ranch, in early May of 2006, just 10 days before his spring works began.

The effects of our 3 A.M. wake-up, and the hour long drive along an isolated gravel road paralleling the U.S.-Mexico border, faded quickly as we unloaded the mules from the trailer and saddled them in the chilly April morning air.


You should always carry an equine first-aid kit when traveling to shows and trail rides. It's aggravating, however, to search through rolls of tape and bandage material just to find your thermometer in the bottom of a box or bag.


Five suppliers of cowboy tents and bedrolls offered a quick look at the available options for those products in our June print edition. But there's more to a camping trip than a tent and a bedroll-especially today where modern gadgets abound.