4 Ways to Display Vintage Valentines




ImagePart of the appeal of collecting valentines is to display them. Longtime Valentine collector and author Katherine Kreider offers the following display ideas:

• Place the Valentine on a pretty piece of fabric or lace and frame it. If it’s a valuable Valentine, be sure to have it framed using archival, acid-free materials and protective UV glass.

• Transfer images onto paper to make cards and stationary, or fabric to make purses, clothing and home accessories.

• Decoupage cards onto wood, dishes, tin containers, lampshades, photo frames, etc.

• Clip cards to a white tree with red lights for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Katherine Kreider is an antiques dealer, author, appraiser and authority on valentine preservation. Her expertise and private valentine collection has been featured in several home-décor and collectible publications, and she offers the largest selection of antique valentines for sale in the United States. For information on her books and valentines, visit

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