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Comfort Along the Colorado Trail

After reading March’s print feature “The Colorado Trail,” are you ready to set out on your own horseback adventure along the historical pathway? If so, here are some of the facilities available in the Arkansas Valley area for you and your horse to bunk for the night. (For more options, purchase a copy of The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook at The Colorado Trail Store, 303-384-3729;

Along the Trail

Browns Creek Trail Head (near Buena Vista): Although outhouses are available, the site doesn’t have corrals or water at times. One-half mile south of the trailhead, along County Road 272, there’s a good camping area with grass.

Chalk Creek Trail Head (near Nathrop): The nearby Bootleg Campground has outhouses, water and hitching posts. Take County Road 291 to trail-head parking.

Contact Anne Ewing at the U.S. Forest Service for complete updates and availabilities in Salida, 719-539-3591; [email protected].

Along the Road

Twin Lakes Area
Twin Lakes Mountain Retreat
95 Lang Road
Twin Lakes Village, CO 81251-0085
877-486-9761, 719-486-9761

Twin Lakes Nordic Inn Bed & Breakfast
6435 Highway 82
Twin Lakes, CO 81251
800-626-7812, 719-486-1830
Note: The National Forest parking area is directly across the road, where horses can be kept. Be sure to bring a portable pen.

Buena Vista Area
Buena Vista KOA Campground, RV Park and Horse Motel
27700 County Road 303
Buena Vista, CO 81211
800-562-2672, 719-395-8318

Michael Martin Murphy Ranch at Mount Princeton Stables
13999 County Road 162
Nathrop, CO 81236
Note: Facility includes covered stalls. Guides, wranglers and horse rentals are also available.

Fairplay Area
American Safari Ranch
Box 128
Fairplay, CO 80448

C&M Outfitters
Box 277
Fairplay, CO 80440

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