Wearing a biscuit-colored pearl snap shirt, Shawn Williams dishes out Dutch oven cooking tips and chuckwagon etiquette.

Chuckwagon etiquette is a high priority to any savvy working cowboy who minds his manners, and Shawn Williams adds that it’s only polite to incorporate proper Western attire. As you might have guessed, you’ve just got to be wearing a pearl snap shirt. As a highly trained cowboy fashion reporter, and an old-school cookie to boot, Williams will attest to that notion.

While watching the video, you won’t be able to take your eyes off his brilliant, white pearl snap shirt. Now, you’ll notice that it’s not pure white (not a big surprise whenever Williams is involved). He calls this shade of white “distressed baking powder,” but some viewers might think the color looks more like an uncooked biscuit. 

Either way, it’s just the ideal pigment when tending to biscuits, beans and coffee. Working on the appropriately named Lazy J Ranch in Kansas, Williams dishes out hearty meals from a 1946 GMC pickup. He graciously sprinkles in some advice, such as how to make bread pudding in a Dutch oven and how to adhere to time-honored chuckwagon traditions. As an unexpected bonus, he adds a recommended method for stirring gravy, which, come to think of it, complements that pearl snap perfectly.

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