Horned, Hooked and Cooked

Kent Rollins

by Kent Rollins

Kent Rollins

I’ve been around a lot of horned cattle in my life, and some are sharper than others. They’ve inflicted their damage on me many times. They’ve gouged, poked and bruised me all over, and I’ll tell you this: It’s time for me to get even!

Now, I don’t aim to just pick on beef, but I ain’t never been run over by a chicken or kicked by a hog. I’m always looking for different ways to satisfy my craving for beef. I also came up with this little throw-together: meaty skewers with pineapple, peppers and onions. Let’s not use just any beef, but ribeye or New York strip for extra tenderness. Marinate that yearling for a bit and let him soak up the goodness. I like my meat so tender that a feller with a toothache could eat it. After a long bath, it’s time to get revenge for all the times I’ve been gouged. Get out those meat stickers, or, as proper folks call them, skewers. Be sure to alternate all these participants ’cause everybody has a place here.

It brings joy to my heart and comfort to my many aching bones to be on the stabbing end instead of getting stabbed. Just don’t get carried away and cook these too long. Beef is at its best when cooked rare to medium rare. That cow died once, so no need to kill it again. I know no one can guarantee that the beef I’m cooking up was horned, but with every bite I like to think I got the last stab.

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