Will James’s books are the literary classics of the open range and, when published, were equally popular in the East and West. The heroes were unique for the time, because few carried guns. Instead, they handled big cattle herds on the unfenced western range, where a cowboy rarely got off his horse except to brand. Here’s a list of James’ cowboy classics. To order, visit www.willjames.com.

Cowboys North and South (1924)

The Drifting Cowboy (1925)

Smoky, the Cowhorse (1926)

Cow Country (1927)

Sand (1929)

Lone Cowboy: My Life Story (1930)

Big-Enough (1931)

Sun Up: Tales of the Cow Camps (1931)

Uncle Bill: A Tale of Two Kids and a Cowboy (1932)

All in the Day’s Riding (1933)

The Three Mustangers (1933)

In the Saddle With Uncle Bill (1935)

Young Cowboy (1935)

Home Ranch (1935)

Scorpion: A Good Bad Horse (1936)

Cowboy in the Making (1937)

Look-See With Uncle Bill (1938)

The Will James Cowboy Book (1938)

Flint Spears, Cowboy Rodeo Contestant (1938)

The Dark Horse (1939)

Horses I’ve Known (1940)

My First Horse (1940)

The American Cowboy (1942)

Book of Cowboy Stories (1951)

Will James Biographies

Will James: The Gilt Edged Cowboy by Anthony Amaral (1966)

Will James: The Life and Works of a Lone Cowboy, by William Gardner Bell (1987)

Ride for the High Points: The Real Story of Will James, by Jim Bramblett (1987)

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