Cowboy comedian Dale Brisby breaks down how to best use Snapchat to look cowboy-cool.

If the Dale Brisby knows anything, it’s how to show proof he’s not only a puncher, but a SUPER puncher. He sat down with Western Horseman to “give a lesson in Snapchat. It’s cool to be cowboy, but how cool is it if nobody knows?”

First things first, be the early bird.

“Establish you’re up early,” he says. “You can get up at 4:15 a.m. — go back to bed, but Snapchat at 4:15 drinking coffee or saddling your horse.”

Next, once you’re actually up for the day, be sure to include horse ear in your Snapchat.

“And you really need to rope and tie something down if you want to be cool in your Snapchat story. If you miss, improvise, Ol Son.”

And everything is punchier with the right soundtrack, says Brisby.

“Add music: Bob Wills, Dean Martin, Jake Hooker,” he explains. “It shows you are committed to this culture. Committed to this lifestyle. Even if in two years you decide to sell all your stuff and go work in the oil field — that’s fine. But right now, it’s Bob Wills. “

Finally, Brisby shares what your final Snapchat of the day could include, if you’re inclined.

“This one is completely optional: If you’re of age, and not driving obviously, you could get yourself a beverage to cap off your Snapchat, your end of the day working,” says Brisby.

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