Popular horse trailers from 1971.

Stidham horse trailer
Stidham horse trailer


Stidham Horse Trailers, Inc., produces quality horse and cattle trailers of all descriptions, from 1-horse outfits to 40-foot goosenecks with dressing, sleeping, and living compartments. They also specialize in repairing trailers of all kinds. With their modern 60,000-foot floor space assembly-line factory, and nationwide network of dealers and service centers, Stidham continues to be one of the largest trailer manufacturers in the industry. Pictured is their one-horse short-shot which is the newest member of their trailer family. They also make this in the two-horse inline. Both are fast becoming leading sellers.

Stoddard horse trailer
Stoddard gooseneck


Stoddard offers a complete selection of standard and custom trailers in their popular two-horse and four-horse models, and in four- and six-horse vans, with a big trend toward dressing room and camper-sleeping models. Goosenecks are a Stoddard specialty in both horse and stock models in all sizes up to 28 feet long plus gooseneck, and 5 to 8 feet wide and up to 7 feet high.

A popular line is the Stockmaster Conversion, a stock-type trailer with a horse front and removable stall divider to make an all-purpose vehicle. Sizes are 16 feet and 18 feet in the tongue type, and goosenecks in all sizes, with or without sleepers.

Many custom options are offered to accommodate the discriminating horseman or stockman. New engineering features have opened a new era in horse safety, riding and towing characteristics. All-welded steel, unitized construction, rust proofing, enclosed wiring, and their exclusive axle suspension makes Stoddard a good trailer, and advanced automotive streamlining makes them good-looking.

Haynes gooseneck trailer
Haynes gooseneck


Haynes Manufacturing Company continues to expand a full line of horse and stock trailers with the addition of a triple-axle show cattle trailer. This trailer was designed by and for the nation’s leading cattle breeders for hauling and showing large animals. The spacious 7’6” inside width allows the animals to be turned, bedded down, and hauled crosswise for convenience and comfort.

This model as well as Haynes’ six-foot-wide trailers, gives strength and design that pays off in an easy, safe way to haul loads with trailer utility while providing the floor space of a large bob-tail truck. The design places the towing point in the pickup bed, properly distributing the weight to provide control, maneuvering ability, and safety. The trailer may be unhooked in minutes, releasing the pickup for outer uses.

Merhow two horse trailer
Merhow horse trailer


The 1971 fine line offered by Merhow Industries, Inc. Bristol, Ind. 46507, adds a new dimension of design and comfort to the world of horse transportation.

Several features include automotive primers and paints, zinc-coated steel panels on front and roof, and aluminum sides and back. The heavy-duty, unitized, all-welded steel frame that is fastened with solid rivets (no pop rivets), similar to aircraft-type construction, offers one of the strongest strength-to-weight ratios in the industry. This insures protection against rust with excellent appearance under adverse conditions and years of trouble-free service and top resale value.

The Merhow Special Deluxe two-horse model shown in the photo is truly an outstanding trailer equipped with an all-rubber suspension with a hydraulic shock absorber on each wheel. The rubber springs give a ride for horses that is comparable to the finest automobile.

Avon horse trailer
Avon horse trailer


Avon Trailers, located 10 miles west of Indianapolis, Ind., is featuring this two-horse deluxe model (Apache) for ’71. These trailers are treated with a new metal conditioner prior to painting, thus eliminating rust. The Apache is complete: brakes, padding, floor mats, gravel guards, clearance lights, lock tack room, escape door, adjustable air vents, louvered side vents, full divider, and front windows that swing open from center, serving as feed doors. Four-ply Goodyear tires and a Hammerblow hitch are used on all Avon Trailers.

The Avon line of trailers also includes a three-horse side-by-side model, and five different four-house models from stock-type to deluxe goosenecks.

Turnbow bumper pull
Turnbow horse trailer


Turnbow Trailers now has its factory located in Oilton, Okla., with factory sales and customer delivery located in Stroud, Oklahoma. Carl Turnbow, president, says the company’s main objective is still to build a quality product—and they are constantly striving to stay number one in design, material, and workmanship. Turnbow stated that his business has been built on quality and service and his customers are his best advertisers. For 1971 Turnbow is planning to set up a new dealer-distributor plan to install distributors in all parts of the United States.

Turnbow Trailers are now going into their eleventh year in the trailer field, building a complete line of horse and stock trailers ranging from a simple one-horse trailerto the very elegant nine-horse vans. Two of the biggest sellers have been the Turnbow four- and six-horse units with dressing rooms.

Circle H two horse
Circle H horse trailer

Circle H

Circle H trailers are designed for the comfort and protection of your horses and cattle—and for safety, convenience, and styling for you the owner.

The Circle H Trailer Company manufactures a complete line of trailers, from the tandem 2-horse model illustrated to 40-foot goosenecks and vans for 2, 4, or 6 horses with built-in living quarters. If the company does not have exactly what the customer wants, they will gladly offer their services to design and build to the customer’s expectations.

Trail-et trailer
Trail-Et horse trailer


One of those newly improved models in the complete line of horse and stock trailers now being shipped to dealers across the country is this two-horse Mustang from the Trail Et, Inc., Manawa, Wisconsin. Designed and manufactured with all name brand components, the Mustang, like all Trail-Et models, boasts one of the most rugged frames in the industry coupled with standard safety features normally available only as optional equipment.

Rustler trailer
Rustler horse trailer


Rustler Horse Trailers have met the need for quality and elegance with their new Super Deluxe model for 1971. This unit is designed for appearance as well as usability, have metal storm curtains on rear and finger-tip adjustable Jal-vents on sides. It is equipped with recessed door handles on feed doors and escape doors, thus preventing ropes from catching on handles. It has deluxe wheel covers and whitewall tires as standard equipment.

Diamond d horse trailer
Diamond D horse trailer

Diamond D

The Diamond D Trailer Company, one of the older manufacturers of horse trailers, is continually striving to produce a quality product for horsemen in the eastern half of the United States. This company can give uniform fits, interchangeable parts, fast production, and precise deliveries. They can also give one-day quotes on special trailers—from a one-horse outfit to an eight horse van with living quarters, furnished or unfurnished.

Blair gooseneck trailer
Blair gooseneck trailer


Blair Trailers, Inc., of Erie, Kan., has been known as a leader in the horse trailer industry since they first introduced their unique front door walk-thru trailer. This “trailer with the door in front” was one of the first big changes in horse trailers after horses first “got their wheels.”

Blair has not been content with just producing one of the best two-horse trailers going. Gooseneck trailers are gaining in popularity and now Blair is again a leader, producing some of the finest in gooseneck trailers.

The spacious, easy-towing, four-horse gooseneck trailer rounds out Blair’s line of find trailers. It has just about everything the horseman can desire. The trailer can accommodate four people comfortably with a full-sized bed over the gooseneck, and a goucho or dinette set which folds into a second bed. The camper is furnished with deluxe wood-grain paneling and indoor-outdoor carpeting. An ice-box, three-burner stove, sink, heating stove, spacious overhead cabinets, and a four-foot clothes closet are standard equipment. Optional equipment includes bathroom stool, shower, hot water heater, gas-electric refrigerator, oven, and air-conditioning.

Flying L trailer
Flying L horse trailer

Flying L

Another rugged leader has been added to the 1971 line of Flying L Horse Trailers. The Chieftain is a specially constructed four-horse trailer, available in standard and heavy duty models. Each offers the long list of Flying L features, plus options that let you custom-design your trailer. Whether you choose the standard or heavy-duty running gear and frame construction, your Chieftain has durability built into its unitized steel body, tandem torqueless tailgates with positive full length latch, and electric brakes.

The outstanding styling that has made Flying L a nationwide favorite is evident in Chieftain’s distinctive fron V-chrome, light trim, DuPont automotive finish, and white fiberglass top. Vinyl chest padding, tinted window, and front vents insure a safe and comfortable ride for your horses.

This article was originally published in the May 1971 issue of Western Horseman.

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