Nancy Ann Simmons, a 22-year-old student at the University of Nebraska, was crowned Miss Rodeo America for 1967.

Photos Courtesy Las Vegas News Bureau, originally published in the February 1967 issue of Western Horseman

Nancy Ann Simmons receiving crown
Nancy Ann Simmons, Omaha, Nebraska, is crowned Miss Rodeo America for 1967 by the outgoing titleholder, Carolynn Seay.

Coming to the pageant as Miss Rodeo Nebraska, Nancy Ann is an education major at the University and will be graduated in February. 

Named as runners-up were Alice Williams, Miss Rodeo Texas, and Jo Beth Smith, Miss Rodeo Colorado. Sue Potter, Miss Rodeo Wisconsin, won the trophy as Miss Congeniality, while Nancy Ann, the new Miss Rodeo America, won the trophies in Personal­ity and Appearance. The Horsemanship trophy was won by runner-up Alice Williams, Miss Rodeo Texas.

Carolynn Seay, Miss Rodeo America for 1966, was on hand to crown the new winner, and rodeo announcer Pete Logan was the master of ceremonies.

Rodeo queen contestants 1967
Carolynn Seay, last year’s Miss Rodeo America, lines up with some of the contestants for the 1967 title: Jo Beth Smith, Miss Rodeo Colorado; Rosemary Vassar, Miss Rodeo Idaho; Alice Williams, Miss Rodeo Texas; Linda Anne Tillman, Miss Rodeo California; and the new winner, Nancy Ann Simmons, Miss Rodeo Nebraska.

In addition to the previously-men­tioned four winners, other girls com­peting for the title were: Charlotte Barnes, Miss Rodeo Oklahoma; Susan Bauter, Miss Rodeo Utah; Brenda Cole­man, Miss Rodeo Louisiana; Linda Lamb, Miss Rodeo Wyoming; Helen Jean Zimmerman, Miss Rodeo Mon­tana; Rosemary Vassar, Miss Rodeo Idaho; Betty Green, Miss Rodeo New Mexico; Mary Ann Se_arcy, Miss Rodeo Arkansas; Patty Marshall, Miss Rodeo South Dakota; Terilynn Jo Todd, Miss Rodeo North Dakota; Mary Wilson, Miss Rodeo Arizona; Jacqueline Jaure­quita, Miss Rodeo Nevada; Cheri Blick­enstaff, Miss Rodeo Kansas; Janet Sue Barton, Miss Rodeo Washington; and Linda Anne Tillman, Miss Rodeo Cali­fornia.


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