November 1949 Horse Quiz


Test your horse knowledge

Horsequiz1949On the cover: Our cover this issue is symbolic of the love all children have for a horse. The traditional right of the American child to a colt is unquestioned in the Western rangeland. The filly in the picture was foaled on March 23, 1949, and belongs to Kendall Jenkins, of Rio Linda, California. The sire was Selim, a purebred Arabian owned by Mrs. Valerie Waters, of Fair Oaks, and the dam was Goldie, an unregistered Quarter mare owned by Jenkins. The little girl is the five-year-old daughter of the photographer, Glen Fishback, and her name is Judy. She has just told her Daddy that this is the one she wants.

By Marjorie Hunt Pettit, published in the November 1949 issue

A horse is defined as a one-toed ungulate mammal of the family Equidae. But don’t let it throw you, for the following lists of objects and items have to do with horses in name only. Each one involves the term horse or mare, as, for instance, a stinging insect would be a horsefly. So fork your cayuse, sink in your spurs, and ride ‘em, Cowboy!

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1. A dreadful dream
2. A small fish
3. A unit of work
4. The hippopotamus
5. A cirrus cloud
6. A pulled tendon
7. A town in Yukon
8. A scouring brush
9. A ridiculous hoax
10. A mixed drink
11. A state of indignation
12. Cured beef
13. A hold in wrestling
14. A famous Indian
15. Tree of the buckeye family
16. A rack for bucking logs
17. An outmoded firearm
18. Sobriquet of a Revolutionary War hero
19. Shrewdness
20. Best-dressed woman
21. Used on meat
22. Part of the British army
23. A child’s toy
24. A coarse, noisy sound
25. A Western picture
26. A large bee
27. Slick upholstery
28. To flagellate
29. Loud boisterous conduct
30. Becalmed area in southern seas

1. Nightmare
2. Sea horse
3. Horse-power
4. River horse
5. Mare’s tail
6. Charley horse
7. Whitehorse
8. Horsetail
9. Mare’s nest
10. Horse’s neck
11. High horse
12. Salt horse
13. Flying mare
14. Crazy Horse
15. Horse chestnut
16. Saw horse
17. Horse pistol
18. Light horse (Harry Lee)
19. Horse sense
20. Clothes horse
21. Horse radish
22. Horse Guards
23. Hobby horse
24. Horse laugh
25. Horse Opera
26. Horse marten
27. Horse hair
28. Horsewhip
29. Horse play
30. Horse latitudes

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