Take a look at the history of the Hole in the Wall.

There’s quite a bit of history surrounding Willow Creek Ranch at the Hole-in-the-Wall, featured in the February 2005 issue of WH. A quick search at www.amazon.com provided three options for more information on the area and its illustrious past. Among the more historically accurate is the History Channel’s Vendettas: Johnson County War. The 50-minute video is part of the network’s Vendetta series and available in both DVD and VHS formats. Bill O’Neal’s book, Johnson County War, is a 290-page effort that appears to provide an accurate account of the struggle between cattle barons and homesteaders in the late 1890s. For those more interested in good drama than historical accuracy, check out Johnson County War, a 3-hour Hallmark miniseries featuring Tom Berenger, Luke Perry, Rachel Ward and Burt Reynolds. Of course, the gang at Willow Creek takes its history seriously. A quick visit to the ranch’s Web site at www.willowcreekranch.com provides a handful of information about local history. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your appetite, check out their general store, where several books on the area and its colorful inhabitants are available for purchase. Among those is The Banditti of the Plains, a firsthand account of the Johnson County War published by A.S. Mercer in 1894.

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