Rawhiders’ Reunion

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The best rawhide braiders in the world gather annually to share knowledge among themselves and others wanting to learn about the art.

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Master braider Barti Frunz from Germany was among the artisans doing demonstration at the 2015 event. Photo by Ross Hecox
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Rawhider braiders of all skill levels from around the world attend the Rawhiders Gathering being held this weekend in Decatur, Texas.

Texas horseman and rawhider Clint Haverty is passionate about the art of braiding rawhide, but what is most important to him is seeing the knowledge and traditions of expert braiders passed along to other craftsmen.

“Knowledge is useless if it’s not shared,” he says.

To help facilitate learning and sharing of knowledge, Haverty and other braiders started the Rawhiders Gathering. The third-annual event will take place October 15-18 at National Ropers Supply in Decatur, Texas, and will feature top braiders, including Jan Boogaerts, Haverty, Leland Hensely, Jeff Pribel and Len Yule doing demonstrations, as well as a trade show filled with tool, hides and finished work.

The cost to participate in the event is $300 and includes three days of instruction and two meals per day. Both novice and experienced braiders are welcome. For those who cannot attend, a set of six DVDs from last year’s gathering are available for $65, and footage from this year’s event will be available at a later date.

For more information, visit The Rawhiders Gathering on Facebook or call 940-390-0553.

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