Rocky Mountain Hillbilly Girl


Senior Editor Jennifer Denison catches up with 16-year-old American Idol contestant, Jeneve
Rose Mitchell.

Jeneve on American Idol
Jeneve Rose Mitchell brought her style of cowboy music to the American Idol stage. The 16-year-old teenager from Crawford, Colorado, placed in the top 14 during the show’s last season.

For the special July Young Western Horseman issue, Senior Editor Jennifer Denison talked to 16-year-old cowboy musician Jeneve Rose Mitchell, who was among the top 14 finalists on the last season of American Idol. Here are a couple of bonus questions she asked Jeneve that didn’t appear in the magazine:

Jeneve playing harp on American Idol
Jeneve made a memorable performance singing her rendition of Sarah McLachlan’s hit song “Angel” to the accompaniment of a harp. Photo Courtesy of Jeneve Rose Mitchell

WH: What surprised you most about Los Angeles, California, when you went there for American Idol?
JRM: Toasters! Those things are so scary! The just pop up at random times. The “Idol” crew had a blast talking to me about my fear of toasters, as they called it, which wasn’t really true. I’m just always really aware of my surroundings and get surprised very easily. I’m glad I’m that way, though, because it gives me good reflexes to fix a mistake made in music and not get kicked by a spooky horse.

WH: What was the first song you wrote?
JRM: I was 11 years old when I wrote my first real song, and I still perform it on stage to this day. It is called “Rocky Mountain Hillbilly Girl,” and it speaks a little bit about my life on the mountain [in Crawford, Colorado] and what would happen if a city boy ever started liking me. I’m really proud of the chorus, because I jammed a bunch of words in there and still managed to have them make sense. Here are the lyrics:

I’m a hillbilly girl and I’m
Up and running at the crack of dawn
I stuff my hair under a 10-gallon hat
And I put my faded blue jeans on
Saddle my horse, and I’m ready to ride
The fence on the Continental Divide
I’ll be touching the sky by noon
I yell, “Mom, I’m gonna be back soon”
Cause I’m a…

Rifle shooting, hard hitting, bronc riding, roping, fishing,
Knife toting, beef eating, song writing, Sunday meeting,
Hard working, fiddle playing, Bible reading, hoping, praying
Rocky Mountain hillbilly girl.

This hillbilly girl has got city boys
Wantin’ to take me out.
Sitting down with daddy and a shotgun
Is what step one is all about
If you pass that, then go to step two,
Then if I approve it’s up to me and you
So if you’re feeling tough
Then come on and give it a whirl
(Yeah right…)
With this here…


My perfect first date starts on the mountain
At 4 a.m.
We’re gonna feed and irrigate and rope and ride and eat a big steak
Then turn around and do that all over again
When the sun goes down, we’ll build a big haystack,
Then when we come inside, instead of hitting the sack
We’re gonna pick and sing and saw on the fiddle till the sun comes up and the cows come back.


I’m a Rocky Mountain hillbilly girl!

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