Sonoma KingLooking for a book to keep your interest this summer? Sonoma King: Drinker of the Wind by Gretchen Jones and Suzanne Graves is right up every young horseman’s alley.

Fourteen-year-old Robin’s love for her Arabian colt, Sonoma King, carries her through the trials of her young life—from insecurity and boys to besting a rival trainer on the racetrack. Read an excerpt from the book:

“Poised on the edge of her seat, 14-year-old Robin can’t wait for the race to start. When the starting bell finally rings, all the horses—except one—leap forward. As usual, Robin’s beautiful Arabian horse, Sonoma King, hangs back at the gate, stubbornly refusing to run. Tears spring to Robin’s eyes, and she wonders whether King will ever run well, much less win.

“Robin knows that—as a weak foal and a temperamental colt—Sonoma King has already overcome many challenges, but will his luck continue? Will she be able to coax King out of the starting gate and into the winner’s circle, much less stop a rival trainer’s attempts to sabotage Sonoma King? With many difficult decisions to make, Robin knows she must proceed with caution.”

Visit to order this 104-page hardcover book. It retails for $20.95.

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