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2017 Youth Art Contest – 14 to 18 Age Division

2017 14to18 champion Grand

Meet the top 10 winners.

Champion & Overall Grand Champion

Partner, colored pencil, by Kara Kraemer, Midlothian, Texas

2017 14to18 champion Grand

“I chose to use colored pencil because I have fallen in love with the medium, and I am able to capture fine details. I decided to draw this horse because of his rustic yet charming appearance. I am passionate about horses and love to incorporate them into my art. For inspiration, I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards [in Fort Worth, Texas].”

Reserve Champion

First Place, acrylic, by Logan Ohl, Alamo, Nevada

2017 14to18 reserve

“I chose [acrylic] because it is easy to work with, and the subject is my friend, Raelee, pole bending on her horse ‘Yogi.’ Our families have been friends for a long time. I have watched her grow up riding horses, which inspired me to do this painting of her and her horse pole bending.”

Editor’s Choice

John Henry, oil, by Dusti Rose Bistline, Fredonia, Arizona

2017 14to18 EditorsChoice

“My grandpa had a team, so when I saw this picture, it impressed me as a noble animal.”

Top 10

Rooster’s Watchful Eye, colored pencil, by Olivia Hudson, Virginia Beach, Virginia

2017 14to18 Hudson

“I chose Rooster as my subject because he is a wonderful horse and drawing his blue roan coat would give me a fun challenge. Rooster is a magnificent horse, retired from working bull rides. He is owned by a very close friend of mine and always knows what to do the second he is around cattle.”

Bay Mare, watercolor, by Trenton Jasper, Wheeler, Texas

2017 14to18 Jasper

“I was inspired by Teal Blake and his work with watercolors. I love this horse and her personality. She likes to play around while you’re cleaning stalls or riding her. This is my boss’ horse.”

A Boy and his Best Friend, colored pencil, by Victoria Cobb, Eleanor, West Virginia

2017 14to18 Cobb

“The boy and horse are both very special to me, and this boy lost his best friend two years ago when the horse passed away. It shows the bond between a rider and his/her horse, which to me is something that is very important to have.”

Appaloosa Sunset, acrylic, by Sabrina Allen, Granstville, Utah

2017 14to18 Allen

“I like using acrylic because there is just so many ways to guide the paint…. I picked this subject mostly because I love how the sunset turns the whole world into this beautiful scene. The image of a horse in the Red Rock country of southern Utah just sticks out to me as this beautiful embodiment of the West and the Western horse.”

Sheryl, charcoal, by Justin Baker, Wheeler, Texas

2017 14to18 Baker

“…Charcoal is my favorite medium to use. The day I decided to take pictures of this horse was really windy, so getting a good picture took quite a while.”

Done for the Day, pastel, by Caden Schinagel, Glen Rose, Texas

2017 14to18 Schinagel

“Pastel is what I prefer to work with. I chose this subject because it shows the unity between a cowboy and his horse.”

Untitled, pencil, by Allegra Donahue, Seymour, Tennessee

2017 14to18 Donahue

“My favorite [medium].”

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