Western Art

2017 Youth Art Contest – 8 & Under Age Division

2017 8under champion

Meet the top 10 winners.


Wild Mustang, watercolor, by Diana Pilipchuk, Sacramento, California

2017 8under champion

“I chose watercolor because I like how the watercolor mixes together. I chose a mustang because it is the fastest horse.” 

Reserve Champion

Walking in the Meadow
, crayon, Joanna Ryan, Springfield, New Hampshire

2017 8under reserve

“I like horses and enjoy drawing them, and we have a lot of crayons at my house.”

Top 10

Swimming Fun
, pencil, by Audrey Fleming, Sentinel Butte, North Dakota

2017 8under Fleming

“I have fun doing this with my horse, Derby! He is a bay and is 15 years old. I use him to help move our cows and gather at brandings.”

Beauty, pencil & crayon, by Iona Collins, Iron River, Michigan

2017 8under IonaCollins

“Pencils and crayons are easy to find and easy to work with. [In this drawing] I imagine that I’m getting her ready to ride on a Saturday afternoon.”

Galloping Horse in Sunset, crayon, by Jade McRae, Eden, Utah

2017 8under JadeMcRae

“I like mixing crayon colors to make new pretty colors. I like to watch horses run!”

Fast as the Wind, colored pencil & crayon, by Aurora Soto, Fairbanks, Alaska 

2017 8under Soto

“[I chose colored pencils and crayons] to make my work pop!”

Prince, pencil & pastel, by Ezra Collins, Iron River, Michigan

2017 8under EzraCollins

“I like big horses that are black, and pencils work well to draw that. Pastels are great for smearing color. The horses always come to the fence when we pull up to the barn. This horse, Prince, is coming to say hello.” 

Wild Stampede, colored pencil, by Haley McRae, Eden, Utah

2017 8under HaleyMcRae

“I like the way colored pencils look in drawings. I chose to draw a herd of wild horses because I like watching them run freely…. This is a herd of horses I’ve seen while driving home….” 

The One from Cadillac Ranch, pencil, pastel & crayon, by Zoe Kelso, Washington, Indiana

2017 8under Kelso

“[The story behind this piece is:] Quinn the horse wandered away from Cadillac Ranch. She was worried that her friends at the ranch would be scared for her.”

Grazing on a Nice Day, paint on canvas, by Montana McCarthy, Von Ormy, Texas

2017 8under McCarthy

“The horse, ‘Scarlett,’ is out grazing on a pretty day, and enjoying the sunshine and scenery.”

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